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Quality Style & Value

45 year siding / roofing

Galvanized steel frame

Easily added windows, doors, & skylights

Wide color selection

Mezzanine floors (Lofts)

Insulation available

Low maintenance

Building instruction on CD

Building and Foundation Engineering.

Convert sheds into low cost homes

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Our quality kits contain:

· Galvanized Steel of 12-16 gauge for columns, rafters, purlins and girts - not just 20-22 gauge like some others use.
· All Framing parts are delivered cut and punched, ready to be bolted together.
· galvanized, rust resistant, roll formed structural components (C’s and Z’s) that are much lighter and easier to work with than red iron.
· Girts and purlins delivered cut to size, ready for installation with self-tapping tek screws.
· No Welding needed.
· How do we compare with Red Iron ?
We use G90 galvanizing on all roll formed structural components ( Cs and Zs ) that are not only lighter and easier to work with but 100 times more rust resistant than primer painted red iron beams and columns. Though lighter, our buildings are designed to withstand the same snow loads, wind, and seismic conditions as red iron building, thus are equal in overall strength and performance, with a cleaner finished interior appearance.
· No Trusses - more available interior space – free span design.
· No Interior columns, with the exception of under some mezzanine (loft) designs.

· All sheeting ( roof and walls) has a galvanized substrate with a 45 year warranty as opposed to 5-15, or 20 year systems that will rust, fade and stain in a shorter time.
· Many beautiful colors from which to choose.

Fasteners · Sheeting for roof and walls is cut to size.
· All long-life, 60 year, fasteners including bolts, colored screws for sheeting (no nails), and brackets.

Foundation · Our slab and foundation is less expensive than that required for a red iron building.
· We include engineered foundation plans – valued at $1,000 or more.
· We usually use a monolithic pour (footings and slab poured at the same time) with 12” wide footings.
§ Many competitors require piers and a foundation using more concrete and necessitating two pours – costing approximately 20% more.

No wood · No rotting wood on or in the ground.
· no painting (45 year warranted paint).
· no termites.

Anchor bolts
· Anchor bolts are galvanized and come with drill bits needed to drill into your DRY CEMENT.

Trim · All galvanized and painted with our 45 year warranty paints- including, trim, ridge caps, flashings and channel. (Trimming will be required around windows, gable ends and doors).

Engineered Plans · Two sets of custom, stamped engineered plans for your building and your foundation – specific for your state and county. Many companies do not include engineered plans for the foundation which can be costly.

Layouts with second story floors
· Includes galvanized girders and joists.

Your kit does not include
· Concrete for footings and/or slab.
· The erection of your building. (We can help you find erectors).
· Any wood products, including plywood for flooring of mezzanine.

· Our price includes delivery to your building site.

· Comprehensive assembly manual for your building.
· Many of our customers erect their own buildings.

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